JBS Construction – 2016 Concrete Projects Gallery

To see some of our 2016 high-quality concrete projects please visit our Wisconsin Concrete Projects Gallery below

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Concrete Driveways Can Look Fantastic

Gone are the days of drab concrete slabs and parking lots that need to be hidden out back. Advances in concrete driveway construction, finishing options and decorative styles, mean that today’s concrete driveways can come in a wide array of designs and looks. When it comes to concrete, Milwaukee homeowners now have a slew of… Read More…

Concrete Driveways are Low Maintenance

With the affordability and durability of concrete, Milwaukee residents should know that there’s really no reason to fuss with a high maintenance asphalt driveway. Concrete driveways are easy to clean (just sweep away debris or scrub away stains with soap and water), and they don’t require annual sealing to keep them from degrading. And when… Read More…

Concrete Is Very Strong, So Why Does It Crack?

Although concrete is very strong, all concrete driveways will eventually start to show stress fractures and cracking (even though it could take decades before damage appears). This is because while concrete is quite strong, it has little resistance to being pulled apart (called “tensile strength”). As cement cures, the moisture that is in it dries,… Read More…