Professional Concrete Sidewalk Contractors in Milwaukee

Concrete sidewalks can be a beautiful addition to your home’s or business’s exterior. They offer opportunities to connect a driveway or parking lot to the building’s entry, the backyard to the front yard, and more. They are pathways that improve the sense of harmony and utility around your home or business, welcoming guests and customers and making your daily movements easier and more enjoyable. And, for homes, a new concrete sidewalk can add tremendous value. The concrete professionals at JBS Construction are your concrete sidewalk contractors in Milwaukee. We can install beautiful new sidewalks to various areas around your building’s exterior as well as replace crumbling and cracking sidewalks you may already have in place. 

Long-Lasting & Durable Concrete Sidewalks

When you choose JBS Construction for your concrete sidewalk installations, you can rest assured that we are using high-quality concrete and equipment. These material choices make a big difference as the quality of concrete used is a major determining factor for how long a concrete installation will last. 

In addition to high-quality concrete and equipment, you can also expect professional and courteous service from our professionals. We have been in business for over 30 years, serving Milwaukee area home and business owners and receiving glowing reviews and recommendations as a result of our attention to detail and quality service. 

Decorative Concrete Sidewalks 

Just because sidewalks serve a functional purpose does not mean they have to look boring. We can design special and visually appealing sidewalks for you using our decorative concrete. Decorative concrete refers to both stamped concrete and colored concrete, two options that we can combine for unique results. 

Stamped concrete is also known as cut, textured, and imprinted concrete. Essentially, it is concrete that has been cut or molded to look like other materials, including brick, stone, wood, tile, and slate. These options allow for matching the new sidewalk installations to your building’s look and design. It can also be an opportunity to add some visual interest to an exterior that may currently be a bit plain or lacking a focal point. 

Colored concrete, especially when combined with our textured methods, allows for endless possibilities in terms of sidewalk design. We offer a wide range of color options for your concrete project and can provide suggestions as we develop your sidewalk design. Combining stamped and colored concrete techniques allow us to pour concrete sidewalks that are singular in their style and look as well as durable and long-lasting. 

Concrete Sidewalk Contractors In Milwaukee

Concrete sidewalks can be a lovely addition to your Milwaukee area home or business. They can also serve to replace already-existing sidewalks that are no longer usable, safe, or attractive. Our process starts with a quote that factors in your requests and specifications. We also consider your budget in order to name a price that will work for you. Once we start on your project, you can expect high-quality and timely work while we are on your property. So, let’s get started today with a quote! We look forward to being your concrete sidewalk contractors.

Concrete Sidewalk Installation

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