Have you been considering the ways you might revamp your Milwaukee home? While there are a variety of approaches you might take, we urge you to consider something that often goes overlooked: The concrete sidewalks and walkways leading up to your home. A new concrete sidewalk can add value to your home in many ways, including improved safety and increased curb appeal. 

A New Concrete Sidewalk Adds Safety

Unmaintained concrete sidewalks can indeed pose a safety hazard to you, your loved ones, and guests to your home. Cracks, divots, and even holes offer the potential for tripping and injuries. The worst concrete sidewalks have been damaged by tree roots and no longer sit flush with the ground.  

While you’re probably concerned enough about safety, you might also consider the financial implications of leaving hazardous sidewalks unaddressed. Your municipality may determine that you are responsible for paying for sidewalk replacement if it is deemed necessary to replace. 

We recommend getting in front of this concern before it becomes an issue in the form of a government bill. When you choose to replace the concrete around your home, you can also choose the quality of materials and workmanship. Choosing JBS Construction for concrete sidewalk installation means you’re choosing the best materials and experience in the area, and these elements strongly correlate to the quality and durability of concrete sidewalks. That means your concrete sidewalks will last longer, saving you money and worry in the long term. Additionally, as you’ll learn below, there are many ways to make your concrete sidewalks and walkways beautiful and unique. 

A New Concrete Sidewalk Will Improve Your Curb Appeal

New concrete sidewalks offer an abundance of curb appeal to your home. And revamping the exterior and surrounding areas of your home is one of the primary ways to add marketable value. New concrete sidewalks and walkways will also add to your enjoyment of your outdoor space and likely increase your pride in your home’s appearance. Plus, you can make unique choices specific to your home’s style and your taste. 

Two options for making a big statement when it comes to concrete sidewalks and walkways are colored concrete and stamped concrete. Colored concrete gives you a variety of options for achieving any effect you want with your concrete. JBS Construction offers colored concrete options in a variety of colors and styles, including rustic earth tones, modern chromes, and sunny colors that add cheer. 

When it comes to stamped concrete, you can choose concrete that mimics materials such as wood, brick, stone, or tile. Stamped concrete is molded and cut to look like these and other materials. Imagine the durability of concrete for your sidewalks and walkways with the appearance of elegantly aged red brick! 

Choose JBS Construction for Concrete Sidewalk Installation

A new concrete sidewalk or walkway is a relatively simple way to add safety and curb appeal to your home. We can help walk you through the process and discuss design options that will suit you and your home. Contact JBS Construction for concrete sidewalk pouring in Milwaukee.