While masonry and concrete are both used for building walls and other structures, the two are quite different in terms of application and the method of preparation: Read on to discover four of the most important differences between masonry and concrete installation contractors: 


Cement is created using cement, water, and usually stone or sand: masonry uses brick or stone components glued together with mortar, a combination of cement, sand, and water


Both concrete and the mortar used to make bricks stick together can be made in a mixer. In most cases, concrete is manufactured in large quantities in a factory and it is transported to the building site ready for being used


Concrete is usually poured into molds to form posts, floors, and walls, while masonry walls are built brick by brick, stone by stone, spreading a layer of mortar on the top of a layer of bricks, then laying bricks on the mortar and continuing the operation until the desired height is reached


Both concrete and masonry walls are resistant and durable structures, the choice between the two being determined by the type of the building, budgeting considerations, architectural and terrain-related factors. 

Masonry Details

Masonry and concrete are not the same things; as a general rule masonry refers to the bricks, stones, and blocks used while concrete refers to a type of cement, other materials, and water that can be set into large forms to make a building without the smaller units of stones or bricks stacked upon each other. It is important to note that individual blocks made of concrete are referred to as masonry or concrete masonry. Masonry also refers to the skill or trade of working with stones and bricks to build with precision and style.

The type of masonry one chooses is a matter of taste and the integrity of the project. There are many types of mediums to choose from including brick, natural local stones, imported stones, marble, concrete block, smaller stone mediums, and many more. It is important to hire a mason with experience and an eye for both the artistry of the project and also the longevity. When done right, building with stone can create architecture that stays sturdy and attractive for many years.

Concrete Details

The type of concrete you want to choose depends on the area of the building it will be used and the scope of the project. The material that is used to mix with the cement in concrete as an aggregate will determine the hardness, water resistance, and weight of the concrete forms that are being made. You would not use the exact same formula to pour a foundation as you would make a concrete brick form. It can be an exact science to get the needed results, but the experts have had many years of experience and can easily mix a batch of concrete suitable for whatever project is at hand. Whether you choose concrete masonry, poured concrete walls, or stone masonry, the integrity of your structure will likely be significantly better for choosing these fire-resistant sturdy mediums with which to build.

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