Appealing landscaping adds a significant amount of value to your home. For example, you can make back over 150% of the investment you put into your yard. And a central part of your landscaping relies on your entry pathway. So, here we’re going to show how you can turn your concrete walkway into a sidewalk that’s styled but still practical.

home with curved concrete walkway

The Shape of the Path

The first design choice you have to make is the shape of your pathway. The landscape of your yard will have a big impact on this decision, but don’t let that hinder your creativity. There are a lot of different ways you can lay out your path.

Here are three of the most common options when it comes to shape.


A straight pathway is a staple of a modern home. It gives your guests a clean and formal entrance to your home.

The walkway is direct, so you don’t have to take extra time weaving around your yard to get to the front door. This is a fast, neat, and traditional option.


Curved pathways are much more informal than straight pathways. They guide your guests through your landscaping and show off the natural beauty of your home.

The shape of the path itself gives your house a natural energy. It’s an enjoyable and relaxed way for people to get to your front door.


This pathway is something of a mix between straight and curved paths. It might turn through your yard, but the bends are sharp corners rather than sweeping curves.

The corners give this path more rigidity and add a level of formality. Cornered walkways aren’t usually as long as curved pathways, and most only turn when they need to.

This is a good choice for someone who wants a straight path but can’t fit one into their yard.

Type of Concrete

Once you have the shape of your pathway picked out, you have to choose the best type of concrete for your home. Not all concrete is the same. And you can add colors and designs to your concrete to help it match the overall style of your yard.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the ways you can customize your concrete.

Colored Concrete

You can use various concrete dyes and stains to turn your walkway into any color you want. And you don’t have to make the whole path one color.

Two tips:

  • Pick similar shades of the same color to give your path some dimension.
  • Use contrasting colors to make parts of your concrete stand out.

With the right colors, you can balance your pathway with the rest of the landscaping in your yard.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete adds texture to your concrete. You can make your concrete look like different types of pavers or even natural stone. And you can use this method to add designs to your path as well.

Want to incorporate a compass pattern into your yard? Stamping your concrete is the way to do it.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate looks similar to gravel pathways, but the aggregate doesn’t shift or crunch beneath your feet the way gravel does. Instead, the concrete is textured and colored to give off the appearance of gravel.

If you want a more natural walkway, you might want to choose exposed aggregate.

Ready for One of These Concrete Walkways for Your Milwaukee Home?

These concrete walkway ideas are just some of the ways you can design your entry paths. Allow yourself to get creative. Want a straight path but don’t like the idea of solid concrete? Switch to concrete slabs instead and create giant stepping stones. Your options are endless.

And if you’re ready to start paving your pathway, make sure you head over to our services page to find out how we can help you!