As a Milwaukee concrete paving contractor, we can help you navigate the misconceptions about concrete driveways and whether or not it’s the right material for your home. For the most part, you will find only positive reviews when it comes to concrete. However, there are some that attempt to maintain their concrete driveway with the wrong methods, causing a great deal of confusion and difficulty. When you use a professional company that provides concrete installation they will let you know how to clean and maintain your driveway. As long as you get started with this awareness, your driveway will stay looking brand new for years to come. Here are 3 common misconceptions about concrete driveways to give you an idea of what we mean.

Concrete Maintenance & Misconceptions

This awareness is critical if you plan to perform maintenance on your concrete driveway without the help of a professional concrete contractor. Though concrete is incredibly strong and resilient, there are ways that the integrity can be damaged. The following misconceptions about concrete driveways are what often get people into trouble.

1. All Concrete is Cleaned the Same Way

One of the most common misconceptions about concrete driveways is that they can be cleaned using the same methods as all other concrete surfaces. Actually, each concrete surface should be cleaned differently based on how they are finished. Urethanes are applied to some concrete surfaces while epoxy treatments are added to others for improved appearance and performance. The appropriate cleaning method will be specifically determined by the type of coating, if any, used to finish the concrete surface. Make sure your professional concrete installer lets you know exactly how to clean your concrete driveway so no unnecessary issues occur.

2. Specialized Equipment is Required to Clean Concrete

There are occasions when a company or individual may choose to use polishers or power washers to clean concrete driveways. Don’t worry, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg buying specialized equipment if you choose to have a concrete driveway installed. While these can be very effective, they are not necessarily required to keep concrete clean. Concrete driveway cleanliness can easily be maintained with your regular household cleaning tools like a broom, mop, and bucket. 

3. Tough Stains Can’t Be Removed from Concrete without Damage

Every type of driveway is at risk of acquiring tough stains from things like oil or garbage. A common misconception is that if these stains accumulate on a concrete driveway, nothing can be done. Power washing services are a good place to start when removing tough stains such as these.

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As mentioned, these misconceptions about concrete driveways and maintenance are purely that – misconceptions! With an understanding of how to take care of your concrete, you really can’t go wrong with this material. As a Milwaukee concrete contractor, we can help anyone in the surrounding area with concrete driveway installation and care. Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule an appointment!