Adding a new concrete driveway project to your Milwaukee home is an excellent way to upgrade your outdoor space and address your daily parking needs. The concrete driveways we pour at JBS Construction can fill in an area that is currently underutilized or replace an existing driveway that has seen better days. If you’re deciding to take the leap and upgrade your parking space and/or the area that leads up to your garage, here are some tips on how to prepare your home for a new concrete driveway.

Plan Where You Want It To Be 

This might sound obvious, but it is important to carefully decide where you want the driveway to be poured. Is it going to lead up to a garage or just be a parking spot of its own? Will it be a short one leading from an alleyway to a rear-facing garage? Will it lead from the street? If so, does part of a sidewalk needs to be removed or refigured? If that is the case, you will want to consider city codes for your neighborhood to ensure you will not violate any of them with your driveway placement. 

Decide How Wide You Want The Driveway To Be

Another consideration that is closely tied to driveway placement is driveway width. Though there are a few factors to take into account, the primary one is probably how many cars it will be accommodating. In some cases, your driveway will be leading to a one-car garage and you will not have the space on your property to extend the driveway. However, if there is some area around your garage that you might like to use for extra parking, take that into consideration when planning the parameters of your new concrete driveway.  

Fully Clear The Area

A very important step to take when preparing for your new driveway installation is fully clearing the area. To do so, be sure you move any items, such as patio furniture or bicycles, that might be stored there. Additionally, you will want to clear away any debris, brush, or other greenery that might impede the concrete pouring process. If you are uncertain about removing something like a planted tree, be sure to ask your concrete contractor about it in advance, preferably during the first site inspection. We may be able to work around it. But, generally, plan to fully clear the area for the best results. 

Secure A Place To Store Your Vehicles 

If your new concrete driveway will be poured in a spot where you currently park one or more vehicles, you will need to find somewhere else to store them during the pouring and curing process. After the job has been completed, it may take a day or two for the concrete to be ready to walk on and a week to drive on and you may want to wait even longer than that to ensure the concrete has sufficiently set. With that in mind, you will want to be sure you can park your car(s) either on the street or somewhere else during the process. Check Milwaukee’s parking regulations to see where you can park and what areas require parking permits. 

JBS Construction Can Pour Your New Concrete Driveway Project

JBS Construction has the skills and expertise for pouring a concrete driveway so that it will both beautify your home’s exterior and last for years to come. This replacement or addition can give you and your guests more room to park throughout the Milwaukee seasons. And if your current driveway has cracks and raised areas, then now is the time to replace it! These issues can damage a vehicle over time as well as present tripping hazards. But, a new concrete driveway has several other advantages too. Be sure to read our piece on the various ways that a new concrete driveway can increase your home’s overall value.