Cracked and uneven concrete can be a significant hazard for both homeowners and business owners, as well as their guests and customers. Uneven, tilted and broken sidewalks, steps, patios, garages, and walkways are tripping hazards that can end up causing physical harm, or thousands of dollars and legal fees if someone else is injured on the property. The only solution to dangerous concrete walkways in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Ozaukee County is concrete repair or new concrete sidewalks installed by the skilled craftsmen at JBS Construction.

Milwaukee area concrete sidewalks and walkways experience significant abuse, much more than many other areas of the country. Our temperature extremes throughout the year cause concrete to expand and contract, and flex in ways that the material simply is not designed to withstand. What’s more, our area’s weather and location give us big, beautiful tree growth, but those roots can wreak havoc on concrete sidewalks and walkways. An unfortunate reality of living in Wisconsin is more frequent concrete repair and replacement.

Look around your neighborhood, and you may see examples of dangerous concrete in the form of sunken or buckled concrete walkways or sidewalks, cracked or sunken pool decks, cracked or sunken concrete steps, garage floor cracks, and more. Failure to repair or replace these kinds of conditions can prove extremely costly if not addressed. Concrete surfaces that are uneven are dangerous, and should be repaired without delay. While many home and business owners feel they have the ability to fix these issues on their own, the truth is that correcting these hazards should always be left to a concrete repair professional. The pros at JBS Construction understand not only the cause of the damage but how to not only address the immediate problem, but ensure that the problem will not reoccur.

JBS Construction has over 30 years of experience with concrete repair and new concrete installation. We have the necessary expertise to properly diagnose your concrete problem, and recommend the correct course of action. We’re not a fly-by-night operation that does a quick fix, takes your money, and runs. We’ve been in business this long by executing the correct solution to ensure maximum life and service from every concrete surface we install. Call us to get started on improving the safety of your walkways today.

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