Sidewalks and walkways are an important component of any property, whether it is a home or a business. They provide a walkway from a parking area to the residential or commercial building, and they can connect a front yard to a backyard, to name a few purposes they serve. Though they are an essential part of your outdoor space, they can easily become neglected or overlooked entirely. You may have discovered that the sidewalks on your Milwaukee area property have fallen victim to the elements, such as snow and ice melt, which can both lead to cracks and crumbling. Or perhaps you are wanting more sidewalks and walkways to improve mobility and access for visitors. Read on to discover what skilled sidewalk concrete contractors, like those at JBS Construction, can do for your property. 

Skilled In Concrete Pouring

A professional sidewalk concrete contractor will first and foremost be skilled in concrete pouring. They will use the best concrete for your climate and use the best concrete equipment on the market. These benefits alone make professional concrete contractors worth the investment over the option of pouring a concrete slab on your own. Additionally, they will be skilled in concrete mixing and pouring to maximize the long-term durability of the new slabs.   

Advise On Design & Placement

Another skill sidewalk concrete contractors will often have to offer is advice on the design and placement of your new sidewalks. You might think that a concrete sidewalk will just be gray and rectangular, but there are actually plenty more options than that! At JBS Construction, we have decorative concrete options that allow you to design something unique to your property. Our concrete contractors can help you choose colors and stamped concrete designs to complement your home or business’s exterior. And we can help you decide where best to place new sidewalks for maximum functionality. 

Prepare Ground For Sidewalk Placement

Whether you already have a concrete sidewalk that needs to be removed or you are having an entirely new sidewalk installed, concrete contractors can take care of all preparation for the new slabs. They can remove and replace current sidewalks or portions of them as needed. And they can clear and section off the ground for first-time concrete pouring. This process can involve digging up grass or removing other vegetation before placing a barrier. The contractors will also need to determine the appropriate depth or concrete thickness, dampen the soil, lay down a prepared base for the slabs, compacting layers into the foundation, and more.

Monitor Concrete Setting & Cleanup 

Finally, you can rely on a concrete contractor to stick around until the job is done. They will monitor the concrete setting process and oversee the cleanup of the area. The setting process, also known as “concrete curing,” needs to be monitored for some time after pouring to ensure it achieves the appropriate temperature to avoid material breakdown. This monitoring step is particularly crucial in cold climates and has its own permeates and requirements based on cold versus hot weather disruptions.  

Choose JBS Construction As Your Milwaukee Sidewalk Concrete Contractors

The professionals at JBS Construction have been your Milwaukee sidewalk concrete contractors for over three decades. We are skilled at pouring concrete, have many decorative options to spruce up your concrete sidewalk, are able to fully prepare your property for concrete placement, and we monitor for proper curing while handling all cleanup. Our concrete is always the highest quality making for durable and long-lasting sidewalks you can enjoy for many years. Learn more about our outstanding concrete sidewalk services