Adding a new concrete driveway to your Milwaukee home is a great way to update your outdoor space and upgrade your parking areas. Whether you currently have a concrete driveway that could use some improvement, or your home is lacking one altogether, installing a concrete driveway is a great way to spruce up your property and increase your curb appeal. 

There are plenty of benefits to adding a new concrete driveway to your home, and it is important to ensure it is done correctly to get the maximum life out of the driveway. When it comes to concrete, the thickness of the driveway is a very important factor in the quality of the surface. Keep reading to learn more about why the thickness of your concrete driveway is important. 

What Determines the Necessary Thickness of a Driveway?

Concrete is an extremely popular material for pavement. This is because concrete is fit for just about every exterior. Deciding the correct driveway thickness can make all of the difference. It can influence its function, durability, and overall life of the driveway. Here are a couple of central factors that play a significant role in deciding the right thickness. 

Type of Soil

The type of soil impacts the driveway’s strength and drainage abilities and can differ greatly from location to location- even within the same neighborhood. There are many different types of soils and they can each impact the lifespan of the concrete. It is important to have a soil specialist, engineer, and professional assess the soil and identify if it will support the weight directly, or if a sub-base and base are necessary. 

The Function of the Concrete Driveway

What the driveway will be used for can also have an impact on the necessary thickness of the concrete. Concrete pavement with light usage and traffic, such as residential driveways, will typically have a standard thickness of 4 to 6 inches. 

In areas with heavier usage and traffic from delivery trucks, garbage trucks, and other heavy vehicles, the concrete pavement will need extra durability. 

Installation Budget

There are overall factors that can influence the needed thickness for the driveway, such as the usage and foundation type. However, some people choose one or two more inches for the integrity of the pavement and the durability of the project. Increasing the thickness can strengthen the concrete and its lifespan. 

However, with the increased lifespan, comes an increase in materials and an increase in price. In the long run, the expansion in the budget would be a profitable investment, as it would ensure the driveway is strong for years to come. 

Choose JBS Construction for Your Concrete Driveway Installation

Whether you need to repair or replace your current driveway or add a new concrete driveway completely, there are many benefits to choosing a professional concrete company to handle the installation for you. JBS Construction has the skills and expertise for pouring a concrete driveway that will be the appropriate thickness and size, and last for years to come. We will come fully prepared with the necessary equipment, experience, and knowledge that you need for your concrete driveway installation project. 

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