Decorative concrete is a type of concrete that has been cut and colored to mimic the look of another material, such as stone. It is currently one of the most interesting and versatile ways to raise the value of your home. There are many uses of decorative concrete, as well. Concrete contractors and homeowners agree that decorative concrete is winning for a number of reasons, including its options for appealing design, versatility, resiliency and easy maintenance. Additionally, concrete is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor construction materials in Milwaukee as it is durable and long-lasting. Decorative concrete offers those benefits along with a plethora of design options and unique styling. 

Develop Unique Curb Appeal

Because decorative concrete allows for such variation in colors and stamped textures, you can use it to create a whole host of looks and styles. One of the best ways to take advantage of this versatility is to choose a combination that is specific to your house, thereby developing a unique curb appeal that sets your home apart from the rest in the neighborhood. If you are looking to generally improve the value of your home, curb appeal is an essential component.  

The obvious choices for utilizing decorative concrete for enhancing curb appeal are the driveway and sidewalks, as these are often the most visible concrete portions of a residence. If your concrete driveway takes up a majority of the front or side area of your home’s exterior, decorative concrete is a wonderful way to distinguish your property. Similarly, as concrete sidewalks are the pathway to your home and often its foremost visual component, you can choose something special to bring guests to your front door. 

Create Inviting Patios

Getting a little closer to your house than the driveway and sidewalks, add some charm with patios constructed of decorative concrete. As you may know, concrete patios are the perfect choice for adding durable and long-lasting outdoor living space to your property. Going the extra mile with decorative concrete, you can create an inviting space for entertaining guests and your own daily enjoyment. 

You can choose concrete that mimics stone, slate, brick, pavers, and more. Whatever look you have in mind, stamped concrete and colored concrete can help you achieve it. Imagine a reddish brown brick you’d find in a charming urban garden or a sleek gray slate that would complement the most modern outdoor space. At JBS Construction, we can work with your home’s style to create an inviting space you’ll want to spend time in. 

Add Refinement With Accent Borders

Accent borders are a type of decorative concrete that can be added to any concrete installation for refinement and visual interest. Broadly, accent borders are used to distinguish the edge of any concrete construction, offering definition. However, in some settings, they also have the advantage of protecting grass and other growth that surrounds the concrete from being stepped on or otherwise damaged. 

Decorative accent borders can be added to garage floors and driveways as well as sidewalks and patios. They can be constructed in a similar color and pattern as the main part of the concrete installation or can be designed to provide a pleasant contrast. For example, you might combine a traditional gray concrete driveway with a rustic red concrete that has been cut to resemble aged stones. 

JBS Construction Is Your Decorative Concrete Installer In Milwaukee

As your Milwaukee area concrete contractor, JBS Construction offers full concrete installation services. We can remove and replace existing concrete or pour entirely new installations to your preferences. If you are interested in exploring your stamped and colored concrete options, be sure to check out our decorative concrete services as well as our gallery of projects to jump-start your imagination!