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Why Choose Concrete?

There’s a reason so many people and companies choose concrete for their homes and businesses: Concrete is durable, versatile, easy to care for, low maintenance, and can last a long, long time. Now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t need concrete repair, but properly installed and maintained, concrete can last decades without showing real signs of wear and tear.

So, when it does come time to invest in repair or add concrete additions, you can rest assured that concrete is an investment that’s worth your time and money.

concrete repair milwaukeeOur Concrete Repair Services

Our professional Milwaukee concrete repair service list includes:

Broken Concrete Repair — If you need repair services to fix large areas of broken concrete, we can help. As part of our professional concrete services, we will remove any underlying debris, repack the sub-base (to provide a level, stable foundation), and pour new concrete to replace broken concrete areas (if necessary).

Sunken Concrete Repair at Garage Doors — Over time, concrete that was poured on improperly compacted soil can sink becoming uneven and unsafe. Concrete can also sink if the soil beneath it shifts. If you have sunken concrete in front of your garage doors, call us. As part of our sunken concrete services, we will cut the concrete in front of your garage door and remove it, properly compact the soil, and then pour new concrete using reinforcing steel (so that you get a concrete surface that lasts).

Sunken, Tilted or Uneven Concrete  — Concrete driveways, concrete walkways and concrete pavement can sink and tilt, becoming tripping hazards and slip-and-slide surfaces during the winter. Often caused by freeze and thaw cycles that cause the concrete and base beneath it to repeatedly swell and contract, uneven concrete walkways and driveways can often be repaired in sections, eliminating the need to replace the entire driveway or walkway.

If you have broken, tilted or uneven concrete, call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE. We will evaluate your situation and explain what repair options are best for you.

Our Concrete Additions Services

Whether you need a basic concrete addition such as a driveway, parking lot or sidewalk, or you’re looking for a customized concrete addition such as a patio or pool area, we can help. We have over 30 years of experience installing concrete additions in a variety of styles and settings. We can:

  • Pour New Concrete Additions
  • Extend Existing Sideways and Driveways
  • Design Traditional and Decorative Concrete Additions
  • And More

For a FREE ESTIMATE for repair services or concrete additions services, contact us today. You’re welcome to call us at 262-677-2500 or click here to submit your request online.