Despite concretes durable and long-lasting properties, it’s not invulnerable to harsh elements and outdoor temperatures. Extreme weather can take a toll on concrete driveways, sidewalks, and the surrounding areas. If left untreated, the various forms of damage can be expensive to fix down the line.

To keep your concrete looking and functioning like new this summer, here are 5 concrete care tips.

Check and Repair Concrete Cracks Early

Because extreme temperatures can cause cracks to worsen, it’s best to avoid entering the summer season with existing cracks in the concrete. Not only will this affect the appearance of your concrete patio or driveway, but this will also affect its functionality.

Furthermore, cracks can become a tripping hazard for people walking over the concrete surface. Contact your local concrete company to conduct a thorough assessment and ensure that there aren’t any cracks.

Regular Cleaning is Important for Concrete Care

Leaves, dirt, and debris can stain and wear down concrete over time. To maintain the beautiful appearance of your concrete, you’ll need to regularly clean it. Routine concrete cleaning can be completed in a number of ways including:

  • Sweeping the entire surface with a broom
  • Washing away dirt and mud with a hose or power washer
  • Scrubbing down the entire surface with a push broom or scrub brush

After the initial cleaning, you can continue to clean the concrete again every few weeks throughout the season. This ensures that your concrete maintains its curb appeal and prevents future stains.

Provide Shade Whenever Possible

Excessive sunlight can cause concrete to fade quicker than usual. Therefore, a little shade can go a long way. Additionally, as direct sunlight causes concrete to become extremely hot, it will eventually begin to develop cracks.

If there isn’t any natural shade in your yard, consider adding a rug or umbrella to block the surface from the sun. Other large pieces of furniture and decor are great additions to help cover as much of the concrete as possible.

Concrete Care Requires Sealing

Sealing your concrete is one of the best things you can do to repel moisture and resist stains. A sealer is a protective coating that is designed to prevent concrete from fading and developing cracks. The frequency of resealing concrete typically depends on factors such as the weather and the amount of vehicle/pedestrian traffic that it receives.

In general, acrylic-resin sealers may need to be applied every two years. A professional concrete contractor can apply a sealer to your concrete every few years to maintain long-term protection.

Schedule a Free Estimate from a Concrete Care Expert

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Our professional Milwaukee concrete repair service list includes:

  • Broken concrete repair
  • Sunken concrete repair for garage doors
  • Sunken, tilted, or uneven concrete

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