Does your backyard need a makeover? Are you hoping to transform your backyard into a private oasis? Are you tired of mowing the grass and pulling weeds?

Houzz alone has 13,679 ideas for brick patios. With the right preparation and the right contractor, your backyard could be one of the 13,679 featured. Wouldn’t that be something?

Living in the Milwaukee area, you have to consider the change in seasons when planning your backyard retreat. The cold weather may cause cracks in your existing patio. Rain or drought may cause the soil to expand or dry out and crack. That’s why if you desire a brick paver patio, there are necessary steps you will need to follow to prepare your backyard for brick paver installation.

We have compiled some information describing the steps to take to prepare your yard for outdoor bricks. So, keep reading. And who knows? Your brick backyard may just end up on Houzz one day!

high-end brick backyard with paved patio area

Preparation for a Brick Backyard

The initial preparation for a brick backyard will depend on two things: Are you starting out with a concrete patio slab or do you just have a grass-covered or dirt backyard?

Concrete Patio

If you already have a concrete patio over which you are planning to install bricks, you will need to seal any cracks in the concrete. Remember:

  • Be sure that you are starting with a solid base.
  • You will need to make sure your surface is level.
  • It will also need to be slightly sloped to ensure water will drain and not puddle on your patio.

It is best to hire a professional because if the base is not properly prepared, all subsequent work may be jeopardized.

Grass or Dirt

If your backyard is grass-covered, it is necessary to remove the sod and turn it into a level surface. A sod cutter is perfect for removing the grass and its roots.

Now that the grass has been removed, the dirt surface needs to be leveled. A rake should be used to begin the leveling process, removing any rocks or clumps of soil. A steel tamper will compact the dirt. This is the ideal way to pack and level the soil to create the proper base for your pavers.

Whether you are using plastic or metal edging, it needs to be installed next, forming a border around the area you wish to lay the paving bricks.

Next, a layer of gravel, usually 4 inches, is poured over the soil. The steel tamper is again used to make sure the area is level.

That’s it. Now you are ready to move on to the fun part!

Making Your Dream Backyard a Reality

From the prep work to the finale, we can offer a variety of services, as well as advice on the best material for your desired outcome. Check out our services and let us make your dream brick backyard a reality.