First impressions are everything. They even affect the value of your home.

Picture it: Your lender hires a professional real estate appraiser to determine the value of your home, and they pull up in an expensive sports car. As they’re exiting their vehicle, you see their expression slowly reveal their distaste as they scan their eyes over your unpaved and unkempt yard.

Every homeowner wants to feel proud of their home. That’s why most of them are glued to HGTV for tips and tricks on how to upgrade their properties. And one of the best ways to instantly improve your home’s appearance is to invest in some beautiful stamped and stained concrete. Check out these five ways decorative concrete can upgrade your home.

flower bed surrounded by stamped concrete

1. Safety First!

For most people, deteriorated concrete is just an embarrassing annoyance that makes us swallow our pride. For some people, however, it’s a legitimate safety concern. The disabled, the elderly, and even small children can fall prey to neglected concrete, but it doesn’t need to be a hazard.

If you know your driveway or pathways need some maintenance, why not go the extra mile and get some beautiful stamped and stained concrete? It’s one of the most durable types of flooring, perfect for keeping your family, guests, and tenants safe.

2. It’s Cost Effective

Homeowners love to customize their homes to make them truly theirs, but those renovations don’t need to break the bank.

While tile has some appeal, it can cost anywhere from $11 to $50 per square foot, while concrete is much easier on your wallet. Not only is stamped concrete cheaper to install, the maintenance is minimal, and it lasts longer than most flooring.

3. Easy Clean Up

We’re living in a modern world, why shouldn’t your home reflect that?

Most homeowners only consider stamped and stained concrete for garages, patios, pathways, and driveways, but let’s think outside the box. Usually, all the heads of household work, so who wants to deal with a difficult mess?

Stamped and stained concrete looks beautiful inside a home as well. The best part? Cleaning is even easier than it is with tile.

4. It’s Reliable

There’s a reason why commercial outfits choose concrete for their flooring: It can cope with all the weight and pressure these industries demand of it, day in and day out.

Any homeowner who wants to avoid the headache of repairing their flooring in short intervals knows concrete is key. Come rain, wind, high heels, or rowdy pets, your concrete will ring true.

5. It Adds Value

Investing in your home means investing in your potential net worth. No one wants to buy a home with dilapidated flooring, and an appraiser will certainly make note of such neglect.

Initial costs are always scary, but real estate investors know that while the payoff is delayed, it’s still there. And it’s worth it.

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