Concrete driveways are an outstanding feature for many Milwaukee-area homes. But – while concrete is the most convenient and long-lasting driveway material – if you have a long-neglected concrete driveway, you have likely noticed potential hazards such as dips, cracks, and an uneven surface that now need addressing. Alternatively, your home may lack a concrete driveway altogether and you are dreaming of having one installed for the first time. If you are thinking of looking into Milwaukee concrete driveway installation, but are unsure when to do so, we have put together a few key things to consider for choosing the right time.  

Consider If You Need Concrete Driveway Repair or Full Installation

One of the most important things to consider when determining if it is the right time for concrete driveway installation is if you actually just need repairs to your current concrete driveway. For example, if damage to your driveway is confined to just one part of it, particularly if it is an edge or corner, then you likely need repair rather than full driveway installation. JBS Construction does not typically do concrete repair but will rip out a portion and replace it if your driveway or sidewalk is cracking or dipping in an area. 

However, if your current concrete driveway has damage throughout – such as cracks, dents, and raised portions – you will definitely want to consider a full driveway replacement. This option will benefit the overall look of the driveway as it will be fresh and uniformly poured concrete throughout. With JBS Construction, you can rest assured that your concrete will be high quality and last for years to come even through the drastic Milwaukee seasons. 

Best Time of Year for Driveway Installation

That brings us to another timing consideration: The time of year. While you can have concrete installed at any time of year, there are some key benefits to doing so in the late summer and early fall months. First, the project will set more quickly when the concrete is poured at mild temperatures, between 50 and 60 degrees. Second, having your concrete driveway installation completed before the coldest months will ensure that your driveway is ready for the harsher winter months in Milwaukee. This is a particularly important factor if you currently have a concrete driveway that is on the decline. Waiting to replace decrepit concrete will just give it further opportunity to crack and raise. This process can be expedited when temperatures inevitably drop below freezing in the winter. Snow piling, salting, and thawing, all common features of the Milwaukee area, should also encourage you to act sooner rather than later when it comes to damaged concrete that can present hazards to you and your loved ones.  

Choose JBS Construction for Concrete Driveway Installation

Whether you need concrete repair to address a section of your concrete driveway or a full concrete driveway installation, there are several benefits to choosing a professional concrete company rather than tackling the project yourself. JBS Construction will come fully prepared with the necessary equipment, experience and knowledge you want for your concrete driveway installation project. Contact JBS Construction for Milwaukee concrete driveway installation today.