If you are thinking about adding a new patio to your Milwaukee-area home, consider the benefits of going with concrete rather than wood or other material options. Concrete patios can offer design versatility, cost savings and durability. However, there are some simple steps you will want to take in order to maintain a concrete patio through the seasons and years to come. Read on to learn 4 things you probably didn’t know about concrete patios.

1. Concrete Patios Offer Design Versatility

One of the best aspects of concrete patios is that they can be designed to a variety of preferences and specifications. They are extremely versatile design-wise in terms of colors, textures and general appearance. Concrete can even beautifully mimic the look of other materials like wood and stone when stamped concrete is used. And you can choose a striking color to complement your house and surrounding yard with one of our colored concrete options.

Additionally, you might choose to add a polished and unique finish to your concrete patio with the addition of custom-built concrete accent borders that provide a beautiful finish to the patio and protect the surrounding lawn or other plants.

2. Concrete Patios Are Cost-Effective

When comparing the building of a concrete patio to that of a wooden deck, it is important to consider the cost of materials. On average, the initial cost of installing a concrete patio is much cheaper than installing a comparable wooden or composite-construction deck. Additionally, you will often save money in the long-run when you choose a concrete patio since they pose no risk of costly disrepair such as warping and splintering. You also will not have to worry about the destruction caused by termites or anything else literally taking down your outdoor living space.

3. Concrete Patios Are Durable & Long-Lasting

Because they are resistant to some of the issues mentioned above, concrete patios also require less maintenance than wood or composite decks. The cleaning process is simple and does not necessitate special products. You can simply use your garden hose to spray the cement clean of any dirt and debris; then, if necessary, use a basic cleaner like dish soap to scrub the patio with a broom. Finally, rinse again with the hose and allow to dry.

4. Concrete Patios Benefit from Protection

While concrete patios are undeniably low-maintenance, they do require some care in terms of protection. This is particularly true in Milwaukee where we experience periods of freezing and thawing that can wear on concrete’s integrity over time.

This protection is best served in the form of professional washing and sealing every couple of years or so. The seal will assist in diminishing the negative effects of salt used for de-icing in the winter. The application and maintenance of a sealant on your concrete patio will also help prevent chipping and cracks, particularly during spring-time thaws.

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