Concrete retaining walls are an absolute staple in landscaping projects. They are a go-to option to bring a clean, tiered aesthetic to a home or business. But concrete retaining walls are also practical and can solve pesky soil erosion and instability issues that lead to bigger problems if ignored. Functionally, they are incredibly durable, weather-resistant, foundationally sturdy, and offer the best results for the money invested. 


A concrete retaining wall can range from a small wall in a backyard to an expansive wall that provides privacy. There’s a range of options here, so let’s take a closer look at a few of the many benefits of concrete retaining walls for your Milwaukee area home. 


Sturdy and Durable


Concrete is an incredibly strong material, which is why it provides the foundation for skyscrapers and the highway system. It’s weather-resistant, it won’t rot, bugs won’t destroy it and it’ll probably be around for your grandchildren’s grandchildren to enjoy.   


Strength is a major advantage in a retaining wall that needs to withstand immense pressure from earth and water. It needs to be sturdy enough to resist soil creep or the slow, gradual progression of the earth down a slope. Retaining walls are designed to shape soil to a slope steepness that it wouldn’t naturally keep, which means a retaining wall is in an enduring fight against gravity. That is especially the case in areas that are prone to flooding or where water travels quickly, such as a home built on a hillside.


A properly drained retaining wall can keep earth where you want it for a lifetime, while also preventing flooding of your property. 


Functional, Aesthetic Range 


Concrete is notable for its strength, but it’s also an incredibly versatile building material. That means there are no cookie-cutter concrete retaining walls out there, given myriad customization options. 


For starters, concrete retaining walls are primarily constructed using one of three methods: concrete blocks, precast concrete panels or poured-in-place concrete. Each has its merits and working with the experts at JBS will help you find the best option for your project. Whether it’s flat ground, a tiered garden or a home built on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, rest assured you’ll find a construction method that’s right for your situation. 


But there’s more. Once you’ve decided on a construction method, the materials themselves can be altered to suit your preferences. Concrete can be stained in a variety of colors or stamped to create various textures that even resemble pricier materials like bricks or cobblestone. From classical to contemporary, whatever your tastes are the JBS team can help find a good match. 


Simple Installation, Low Ongoing Maintenance 


Installing a concrete retaining wall is a much less labor-intensive process compared to other materials, such as brick or stone slabs. Brick, for example, requires more manual labor from an expert mason, whereas concrete, while still best when installed by an expert, can simply be poured to fit the desired shape. A quicker, simpler install reduces labor costs, which could represent 70 percent or more of the project’s overall expense.  


And, once a concrete retaining wall has been installed and cured, there’s not much more to think about. Other than a good pressure washing from time to time, there’s not a lot of ongoing maintenance. 


Hire the Experts for Your Concrete Retaining Wall Job


In all, a concrete retaining wall is a versatile, durable, and cost-effective option for your landscaping needs. While it’s technically a simpler installation process, you’ll still want to hire experienced, skilled professionals to get the job done correctly. As stated earlier, retaining walls play a critical role holding managing erosion and the flow of storm water, and that takes planning and preparation before the first shovel hits the dirt. 


The experts at JBS can survey your project site, study the soil and slope and build a recommendation for the best materials and methods for the job. They’ll help you get the look you desire and keep costs within your budget. If you’re considering a concrete retaining wall project for you Milwaukee area home, don’t take another step until you’ve called the seasoned, friendly professionals at JBS.