A patio is one of the best ways to expand the usable space in an outdoor setting. It provides a solid foundation for simple lounging furniture, firepits, sturdy concrete patio furniture, and more. At JBS Construction, we know that they are a highly valuable addition to any residential or commercial space with the necessary space. However, especially in Milwaukee with our volatile weather and fluctuating seasons, concrete pouring should be taken lightly. For that reason, we highly recommend choosing a professional concrete patio company to pour the slab. When looking for the right company, you will want to prioritize a few key things.  

Residential & Commercial Services

When looking for a concrete patio company, consider ones that offer both residential and commercial services. Choosing a concrete company that pours slabs on both types of property will ensure familiarity with things like placement and sizing for patios in any space you have in mind. Additionally, it will ensure that the company and its workers know how to work professionally and promptly in both settings. 

Adding a new patio to either your home backyard or an exterior area of your business adds highly functional outdoor space along with increasing your property value. The patio might be just for your own enjoyment or for that of your guests or customers. Choose a concrete contractor who can call on their experience to help you decide what size and design of concrete patio is best for your intended purposes. 

Experienced Concrete Contractor 

In addition to familiarity with both residential and commercial concrete pouring, we also recommend choosing an overall experienced concrete patio contractor. Nothing can take the place of experience when it comes to the complex work of pouring and setting concrete using the most professional and long-lasting methods. That experience will often come in the form of a variety of concrete service offerings, from concrete sidewalks to driveways and more. This range of offerings demonstrates comfort and familiarity with concrete contracting more generally.

An experienced concrete patio contractor should also have a concrete projects portfolio to share with you that can serve as both a demonstration of their skills and a point of inspiration for the kind of patio you want for your own space.  

Decorative & Stamped Concrete Options

And when it comes to design inspiration, look also for concrete patio companies that offer decorative and stamped concrete options. Decorative concrete refers to both colored concrete and concrete that resembles other materials. Combining a colorful concrete option with a stamped concrete method results in concrete patios that can look just like stone, brick, and other classic and elegant building materials. 

Another great decorative option is concrete borders. These additions can lend a more polished look to your concrete patio. Decorative concrete borders also serve the utilitarian purpose of preventing weeds and grasses from encroaching on the patio concrete, resulting in even longer-lasting concrete. 

Looking For A Concrete Patio Company In Milwaukee?

If you are looking for a concrete patio company in the Milwaukee area, look no further than JBS Construction. We work with both residential and commercial projects, our experienced concrete contractors, and offer a variety of decorative concrete options to beautify your concrete patio. Read more about our concrete patio services and how we can expand your home or business outdoor space.