Buying a house isn’t just about investing in property. It’s about building a home for your future.

Improving that home is a great way to keep your property up to date and suitable for the needs of your family. The Remodeling Futures Program at Harvard predicted that homeowners would spend $321 billion on home improvements in 2017.

Fixing your yard or garage with a new concrete slab is just as important as fitting a new kitchen or bathroom suite. But how do you know what to look for when comparing companies? Read on to discover the five questions you should ask your local concrete contractors before hiring one.

Concrete workers in heavy boots working in new wet concrete.

1. What’s the Time Frame for the Job?

Good local concrete contractors will give you a strong timeline for the project. You’ll be able to plan the dates they give you. They’ll also finish within that initial time frame unless something occurs outside of their control. Think weather conditions!

Contractors that hesitate before providing dates might not be as reliable. You don’t want a contractor who starts a job but doesn’t finish for weeks.

2. What Happens If There’s a Storm?

Weather forecasters can only predict the weather to a certain degree, especially here in Milwaukee and Waukesha. While contractors aim to complete work around inclement weather, they can’t control surprise storms.

A good contractor will adjust their schedule if the worst happens. They know how to handle the situation, so leave them to it. It’s better that they get the job right rather than rushing to get it finished too soon.

3. When Will You Start?

Expect good contractors to be booked in advance by a couple of weeks or so. They may even be booked for the next month.

Not all contractors that are available immediately are bad ones. They may have had a recent cancellation, which will free up a slot. Or a run of bad weather might make their business slow down.

Make sure you ask why they’re available so soon if they want to start within days. If they’re reputable, they’ll be happy to answer.

4. Do Local Concrete Contractors Offer a Warranty?

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to warranties:

  • Good local concrete contractors know their work and their products are good. They’ll offer a one-year warranty because they’re confident you won’t need one.
  • Some contractors provide longer warranties, but check the details. You don’t want a warranty full of clauses to excuse the contractor from fixing particular problems.
  • If the contractor doesn’t provide a warranty, look elsewhere. There’s no good reason not to provide one.

In some US states, contractors need to be registered or licensed. Check this list to see if your contractor needs to be licensed in your state. In Wisconsin, contractors need the right credentials for their trade.

5. Can You Provide References?

In this modern era of online Yelp reviews and Facebook testimonials, most contractors in Milwaukee and Waukesha can provide references. Many of them will even have photo galleries to show you from previous jobs. They’ll be happy to pass them on if you ask for them.

If a contractor can’t provide references, then ask why. Even new contractors have usually worked with someone. Ask around and see if there’s a reason they’re reluctant to show you their references.

We Can Answer All of These Questions

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