Dreaming of days spent by your Waukesha pool? Well, insert into that daydream a concrete pool deck.

Before you write the idea off as something you’ve seen around a boring community pool, consider this: How would you like to have the look of imported stone without paying the price? Believe it or not, concrete gives you that option.

Though often considered dull and uninteresting, concrete can actually be gorgeous. It also requires less maintenance than traditional wood.

Still not convinced? Read on for five gorgeous concrete deck designs for your Waukesha pool.

concrete pool deck

Concrete’s Amazing Imitation Skills

Concrete is likely the most versatile material you could use for your pool deck. Thanks to the many colors and textures available, concrete can be made to look like just about anything. In fact, concrete can mimic many of its more-expensive competitors, including brick, limestone, and sandstone.

Stamped concrete pool decks in particular really give you total creative control. Whether you like large slabs or lots of smaller pieces, your concrete deck can be made to look however you want it to. So, the concrete deck ideas you come up with could be endless.

The All-Inclusive Concrete Pool Deck

If you’re looking for a grand effect, try an all-inclusive deck. Don’t just surround your pool with that gorgeous design you’ve come up with. Extend your design into any surrounding areas.

Whether you have a raised deck, an outbuilding, showers, or a fire pit, include these areas in your deck. Doing so will bring your entertaining space together and extend that beautiful look from your pool.

Textured Concrete Designs

The versatility of concrete doesn’t stop at looks. Many different textures can also be applied to your deck when you use concrete.

Want your pool surrounded by a long-lasting sandy beach? No problem. Or maybe you like a simple look but want more grip to control slipping. Concrete’s got you covered.

Try combining materials by adding a stone walkway or border to your concrete pool deck. Doing so will add interest as well as a mix of textures.

Eye-Catching Additions

When it comes to your deck’s layout, you make the rules. While surrounding your pool is probably the most common deck design, consider shaking things up.

Why not add an infinity edge to your pool by only adding a visible deck around three of your pool’s sides? Doing so will give the effect of there being no edge to the pool on that deck-less side. Or, consider adding some concrete stepping stones in a section of your pool. This fun and interesting design will help both your pool and deck stand out.

Stick With the Classic Look

While there are many options when using concrete, the classic look shouldn’t be ignored. Simple and sleek concrete squares can really add beauty to your pool area.

This option is less costly but still adds interest. Add contrast to your simple but beautiful deck with landscaping, exotic plants, furniture, or a hot tub.

Long-Lasting Personality

Long-lasting, beautiful, and versatile, concrete can give you just about any look you want. And as long as your deck is installed and sealed properly, you won’t have to worry about cracking or frequent maintenance.

We’d love to add the perfect deck to your Waukesha pool. Contact us for a free estimate or learn about our concrete pool deck services here!