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Milwaukee Bathroom RemodelingWhen it comes to bathroom remodeling, Milwaukee homeowners want to know that their new bathroom will be both beautiful and functional. So, how well does your bathroom function for you now? And how does it look? There is no reason your bathroom cannot be both functional and beautiful. Why live with a bathroom that is not a pleasure to use? You need to remodel it and make it the bathroom of your dreams. That is the kind of bathroom remodeling contractors Milwaukee homeowners want.

Now, you can do a simple surface refresh on your bathroom. A different paint scheme and new towels can transform the look of a room. However, that does not fix that old water hog of a toilet nor does it cover up the wear and tear on the sink or tub. For a truly transformed bathroom, you need to go the extra step and do a complete remodel.

Update the Plumbing

If you are going to truly remodel your bathroom, you will take the room back to the studs. This will allow you to update the plumbing behind the walls. If you want to move fixtures, this provides easy access for making this happen. Now, if you are in a house built within the last couple decades, you might not need to do this. But, it is an option.

Milwaukee Bathroom RemodelUpdate the Fixtures

Bathroom remodeling is often needed before it is wanted. Homeowners eventually just say, “Our bathtub, sink, and toilet has taken a beating for years. What can we do to update our bathroom? Over time, fixtures will start to look their age. Chips and cracks detract from the beauty of the fixtures. If you decide to upgrade your fixtures with a full bathroom remodel, you can get the features you want, instead of settling for what is already there. A good example of this is to use a whirlpool tub to replace your existing bathtub.

Add Some Extras

If part of your bathroom remodeling project means taking your bathroom back to the studs, you might consider adding a few extras. In-floor heating is a good example of this. This is great for the cold winter mornings we get here in Wisconsin. Other extras can include a steam shower, a rain shower, or a digital toilet. Add what you want to your bathroom when doing a remodel.

Luxury ShowerFinish the Project

Once all the pieces are in place, you need to finish the project. Installing the faucets and drains is one of those touches that need to happen. The finishing touches make all the difference.

To talk bathroom remodeling Milwaukee, homeowners need to give us a call. We are here to help make your bathroom remodeling dreams come true.

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