Benefits of a Concrete Pool Deck for Your Backyard

During the dog days of summer, few things beat sprinting across smooth, cool concrete and performing a cannonball into your backyard pool. Concrete pool decks are durable, they look sleek and provide a perfect place to catch some rays on a clear day – or an excellent foundation for a diving board.   

Now, you could theoretically construct a pool deck using wood, composites, bricks, pavers or tiles, but no material offers the widest range of advantages per dollar spent. Here’s why a concrete pool deck could be the best option if you’re considering taking the dive (pun intended) and installing an in-ground pool for your home. 

Low Cost, High Quality 

A concrete pool deck is a lower-cost option, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. In other words, you aren’t sacrificing durability or quality to keep your costs contained.  

Cost-effective also doesn’t mean boring. Concrete is an incredibly versatile material and can be stamped, scored or stained to look like more expensive building materials. Stamped concrete pool decks, for example, can imitate natural stone pavers or other custom designs. In fact, adding a little texture to your concrete pool deck (such as a broomed finish) can improve its slip resistance and yield a look that completes your vision – perhaps an infinity pool?  

And, if you save some money going with a concrete pool deck, you use could some of that wiggle room in your budget for poolside stone fireplace or flat-top grill. 


Wood pool decks bring a nice, natural look to the backyard – but they can be expensive. Wood, especially around a pool exposed to copious amounts of water, require ongoing maintenance to prevent damage from rot, stains, warping or insects. Not so with concrete. 

Pavers or bricks, which are also a bit pricier, also require some upkeep – granted, it’s nowhere need maintaining wood. But may need to replace reposition a paver from time to time, for example. Composites have their own issues, as well, especially in places with harsher winters. 

No doubt, concrete will inevitably crack at some point, and a bit sooner in areas with four seasons. But those can be repaired, and they may not appear many, many years. For the money, concrete pool decks still offer the most cost-effective, minimal maintenance option. 

Fits Any Space 

The great thing about concrete is that it can be poured into any shape and depth rather easily. It’s a straightforward benefit but when it’s time to sketch out your vision for the backyard pool, you’ll appreciate the ease of customization working with concrete. 

Keeps Its Cool 

Last, but not to be discounted, concrete tends to stay cooler on a hot summer day. Ever walk barefoot on a darkly stained, sun-beaten deck? Concrete pool decks keep their cool, and that’s something your feet will appreciate. 

Get a Concrete Pool Deck Now!

If you’re planning a backyard pool project, don’t overlook the clear benefits of a concrete pool deck as your vision comes together. Concrete decks are visually striking, customizable, durable and cost-effective. Reach out to the concrete experts at JBS to get the ball rolling on a concrete pool deck that you and the family will enjoy for decades to come. Contact us today, we’d love to help.