Concrete Is Very Strong, So Why Does It Crack?

Concrete Milwaukee JBS Construction

Concrete Milwaukee JBS Construction

Although concrete is very strong, all concrete driveways will eventually start to show stress fractures and cracking (even though it could take decades before damage appears). This is because while concrete is quite strong, it has little resistance to being pulled apart (called “tensile strength”). As cement cures, the moisture that is in it dries, causing the concrete to shrink and pull. If a cement driveway isn’t properly reinforced with a steel grid and micro-fiber, it can even crack during this curing process, as the slab shrinks. For those hoping to find a high-quality concrete company, Milwaukee property owners should remember to ask what precautions a concrete installer takes to prevent cracking. If they don’t take any, they’re cutting corners that could result in low-quality, low-tensile concrete that is more likely to crack and split.

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